U.S. Multicultural Trends Report

Multicultural Audiences’ Streaming and App Interests on Mobile and CTV

About the Report

The multicultural landscape in the U.S. is rapidly evolving, and its population growing more diverse. A multicultural majority is expected in the next decade.

To run successful campaigns, marketers must reframe their understanding of the general market and invest in insights that help them better understand the multicultural population.

Designed to help marketers better understand and reach multicultural audiences, this first-of-its-kind report provides insight into multicultural audiences’ streaming and app interests on both mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices.

Download this report to learn about multicultural audiences and their:

  • Top streaming apps on CTV and mobile
  • Top CTV channels, app categories, and genres
  • Top mobile app categories and mobile app affinities in music, finance, and travel