Our Proprietary Household Graph

AppScience® Household Graph offers brands and platforms audience-based analytics with trusted actionable campaign intelligence for strategic planning, activation, and transactions towards desired outcomes.

Our 55MM People-Based Household Graph starts with privacy compliant consumer behavior signals from over 300MM mobile devices and 110 CTV households that is validated at the household level.  Each day, data is cleansed and matched to power the AppScience® Household Graph entirely without cookies.


Validate the value of audiences reached and verify media’s effectiveness – across platforms, channels, and devices to capture the full impact of media investments or offerings.


Gain deep insights into audiences beyond age and gender, identify performing audiences, partners, and channel mix, and discover new audiences and channels to scale.


Real-time data with customizable dashboard to adjust transactions with confidence – align creative messaging, reinvest or reallocate to maximize investments and ROI.


Inform future strategy planning or platform offerings, create custom audience segments for activation, and refine measurement framework.​

The Power Of Mobile

AppScience® stands alone by taking a mobile-first approach to advanced cross-platform analytics – robust data at scale to always capture real-time audience insights. ​