App Science Named Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solutions Provider

January 20, 2023

We’re proud to announce that App Science® has been recognized by MarTech Outlook as a top ten marketing attribution solutions provider for 2022. The annual award acknowledges the companies that are leading the charge in marketing attribution in the ever-evolving consumer landscape and transforming businesses. As App Science touts its real-time, platform-agnostic, transparent audience analytics, gaining recognition in this category is a major accomplishment.

Helen Lum, the EVP of App Science, says “it’s an honor and privilege to receive this recognition. It validates the hard work and passion the team has put forth to provide a solution that helps marketers achieve their objectives and optimize their marketing efforts.” She adds that “App Science is looking forward to supporting more brands in the future and providing a 360-degree view of their consumers so they can make better business decisions.”

Built to fill a gap in the marketing attribution industry, App Science offers a holistic, human-behavior based solution to marketers who are looking to increase relevance in their advertisements to retain and validate their target audience. The start-up ad tech company can offer this clear view of audiences due to an impressive tool — a proprietary Household Graph of 55MM People-Based Households. The Household Graph harnesses the power of smart devices to provide rich analytics, collating human behavior signals from 280 million active mobile devices and 110 million CTV devices, creating a vast database of intelligence that offers a holistic view of audiences.  

App Science gained recognition from MarTech Outlook because of its ability to provide marketers with audience-based analytics, trusted campaign intelligence, and accurate and transparent measurement. Its refined collection of audience data helps derive personalized and real-time insights for maximizing campaign efficiency and increasing marketing ROI.

App Science Featured in MarTech Outlook Magazine

MarTech Outlook, a monthly magazine covering recent trends and insights in the marketing technology industry, highlights Lum and App Science in a recent cover story feature.

The feature describes how App Science’s holistic, privacy-compliant, and platform-agnostic cross-screen analytics optimize marketers’ ad spends amidst the massive shift in consumer viewing habits from linear to streaming. Here’s a quick preview:

“The diversity of available CTV platforms and devices in the age of online streaming provides more opportunities to reach consumers, but also makes ad impact measurement incredibly difficult. Audiences today are highly platform-agnostic, which limits interoperability between different CTV platforms and media channels, causing brand awareness and consumer perception data to become siloed.

By understanding this persistent gap in the market, App Science [seeks] to help brands and advertisers with their cross-platform analytics, powered by its proprietary 55MM People-Based Household Graph that captures an ever-evolving comprehensive consumer landscape.”

Read the full story.

Increase Your ROI With App Science

We’re eager to provide advanced insights and analytics for your next ad campaign. Get more in touch with your target audience than ever before and make informed, real-time campaign adjustments with our easy-to-use dashboards.  

For a closer look at App Science’s measurement solutions, request a complimentary demo today.

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