Identify and target precise voter and cause segments to drive winning results

National voter file matched with our 55MM People-Based Household Graph to reach and influence your voters & causes at scale.
App Science is a 2022 Reed Award Winner

Innovation in Media Buying​

App Science® Wins a Major Industry Award ahead of the ​Political Spending Cycle
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The NEXT Generation Media & Measurement Tools for Political + Advocacy

Customizable dashboard solutions tailored to your planning & measurement needs.

Proprietary End-to-End Solutions

Planning tool icon

Planning Tool​

Verified by National Voter File matched to our 55MM HH Graph

Identify voter + advocacy target segments and their interest behaviors to inform media planning & buying​​

Party Preference​
Voter History​
Donor Info
​Cause Interests
​CTV Affinities
​Mobile Affinities
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Media Activation​

of Identified Segments within ​Planning Tool

Seamlessly activate identified target segments across digital screens & inform traditional ​media buys​

Media Activation Platform:​
Streaming TV (CTV)

Inform Media Plans:
​TV, Print / Newspaper,​
Radio / Podcast,
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Validate Audiences & Verify Impact

Measure your omni-channel reach and measure campaign lift and influence

App Science® Insights
​Reach & Frequency, Duplication
​Demographics & Ethnicity Verification
​App Science® Affinities
​Lifestyle Interests, POI​​

App Science® Brand Study
Measure campaign awareness lift

Take Your Media Plans to the Next Level

Win with data driven media strategies & apply validated learnings to the next campaign cycles​.
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Identify precise target segments and forecast reach​​​
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Inform media strategies & budget allocations
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Activate audience segments on Streaming TV & Mobile Platform​​
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Measure and validate the return of omni-channel campaigns​​
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Verify media campaign’s lift and awareness impact​​
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Apply insights & learnings for next election & advocacy cycles