Validate The Value Of Media And Audiences Across Platforms

In today’s multi-screen, multi-device world, consumers are fast evolving, therefore audience-based measurement is vital to capture accurate audiences and quantify the investments of your campaigns or platforms to drive desired outcomes with confidence.

Our Unique Methodology

Our Household Graph of 55MM powered by mobile & CTV human behavior signals will provide you rich sophisticated audience insights at the HH level that will always reflect the ever-evolving consumer in real-time.

Real-Time Customizable Audience Measurement

For Brands & Agencies and Platforms & Publishers​

Audience Measurement

Reach & Frequency

Audience Verification

Lifestyle Interests
Custom Segments by Industry Verticals

AppScience® Affinities

App Category Affinities
TV & Content Viewership
Location Point of Interests

Multicultural Identifier

Reach & Frequency​​
App Category Affinities
Local Points Of Interest

Actionable Intelligence from People-Based Households


Insights offer multiple tiers of measurement to validate or audit your audiences, discover new audiences and media channels to scale or monetize across platforms – partners and channels.


Real-time data so that you can fine-tune transactions and optimizations, or align creative messaging to drive stronger audience connections to maximize ROI.


Analytics that provide you confidence in your strategies, investments, and marketplace offerings that drive desired outcomes.